by Hortlak

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Aaron Lee
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Aaron Lee Straight-up, skull-crushing brutality like this reminds me why I started listening to metal in the first place - it's fun as hell.
KCNARF DUAGRAD un super coup de pied au cul !
dire que c'est une auto prod ....
même la BAR est crédible, c'est mortel. Du bon death brutal, sans être old school ni même moderne. Favorite track: Carcharias.
Andy O)))
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Andy O))) Sometimes you just need chugging death metal Favorite track: Carcharias.
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released January 26, 2016

Cameron: Guitars
Mike: Bass guitar and drum programming
Kyle: Vocals and lyrics

Guest vocals on "Vipers of Faith" by Kris D.

Written, recorded, and produced by Hortlak

Artwork by Rene Lopez at Monsterland Tattoos

Layout by Pete Episcopo



all rights reserved


Hortlak El Paso, Texas

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Track Name: Carcharias
Electric pulses draw
A killer miles away
Primal hunger excites the beast
The apex predator
Stealthy leviathan
Killing perfection incarnate

Stalking the murky depths
The white death eyes its prey
Its calculated strike awaits
Black eyes roll over white
Grinding jaws shred the flesh
The victim wounded, bleeding out

The gaping maw of doom
Dagger lined orifice
This ancient butcher's killing tool
Heartless devourer
Ingests the helpless kill
The ocean fills with plumes of red


The sea's white lord of death
The king carcharias
This massive slayer reigns supreme
Drifting beneath the waves
The endless search for prey
This ceaseless hunter's ravenous
Track Name: Seductive Knife
Cold blade
Is calling
Steel maiden
Longing for my hand
The muse of
My murders
She's begging
Lusting for slaughter
I cannot
Resist her
I'm helpless
I must not refuse her
She is
My master
I'm living
Only to appease her...

Servant to her whims
Enthralled, willing slave
Bloodthirsty harlot,
Sovereign of my mind
Pulsing and throbbing
Alive in my hands
This savage mistress
My seductive knife

So sleek
And jagged
our two forms
are soon wedded as one
We tremble
the hunt for our quarry
our pulses
soon quicken
we're watching
stalking our victim
the piercing
the screaming
the blood gush
brings us to climax

We consummate
In homicide...
Track Name: Vipers Of Faith
Penitent flock gathers in their chapel
in supplication to their god
they raise their hands in askewed exaltation
with serpents of a deadly breed
speaking in tongues while imbibing strychnine
the congregation tests their faith
venomous judges coiled in their arms
serpentine agents of fate

where sin is death
the fangs obey
in twisted rites
the sect's enraptured
take up thy snakes
praise be to god
his will be done
the lethal strike his judgment

the vipers of faith
lunatic convocation
the vipers of faith
zealotry in extremis
the vipers of faith
perilous ceremony
the vipers of faith
poisonous benedictions
Track Name: Lower Birth
Shackled and bound
Miserable creature
Naked and bloated in fetid pools
Uterus bursts
With horrid infants
Misshapen mother with a teeming womb

Prostrate in filth she suffers...
Pallid and chained in endless labor...

Hungry brood

Need to consume

Repulsive feast

Pathetic beasts

Within the darkness
Sub-human mother
Propagates hideous progenies
Lower life forms
Brought forth in mire
Malformed corruptions of human life

Lower Birth...
Lower birth...
Track Name: Conquest
Flaming bow in hand
Lambent crown of skulls
Conqueror divine
First among the four
Sent to bring all nations
Crumbling into dust
Lord of Armageddon’s
Arrows pierce…

First seal was opened
White horse thundered forth

Cowering leaders fall to their knees
The masses are stricken and weak
Cruel subjugator
The usurper king
The spear-heading wraith
Precursor of WAR

Flames and ruins
Serve as its throne
Cries of the vanquished
An echoing dirge
Towering horseman
Lord of despair
The Hand of oppression
Tyrant of the end…

Enslaver of souls
Dread angel exalted….Conquest
Track Name: Afet
Flame of life’s accession
Animates her long dead frame
Binding soil
Cast aside
She moves with ghastly alacrity
Seeking, longing
Desire inside, a burning pyre
Roaming on foul winds
Rotting heart ablaze

Her lover, her killer
Vengeance, the feast that she hungers
Her lover, her victim
Reprisal beyond her unmarked grave

The iron laws of death defied
Tattered flesh walks again
Within the swirling sands
The moon, her pale guide
The wronged Afet, crawling on the night
Her withered hands granted life…to taste revenge

Object of her malice
Sleeping soundly, unaware
Callous shade
Drawing near
Vengeful corpse hovers above her prey
Dead eyes, glaring
Rancor surging through decaying veins
Icy hands, grasping
Vile, spiteful embrace

Her lover, her victim
The final price paid for his betrayal

The dead and the undead lie side by side
Soaked in cooling blood
Their sanguine bed cold and black
A grim and rictus smile
Lingers on the face of dread Afet
Her spectral wrath fulfilled…satisfied