from by Hortlak

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Flame of life’s accession
Animates her long dead frame
Binding soil
Cast aside
She moves with ghastly alacrity
Seeking, longing
Desire inside, a burning pyre
Roaming on foul winds
Rotting heart ablaze

Her lover, her killer
Vengeance, the feast that she hungers
Her lover, her victim
Reprisal beyond her unmarked grave

The iron laws of death defied
Tattered flesh walks again
Within the swirling sands
The moon, her pale guide
The wronged Afet, crawling on the night
Her withered hands granted life…to taste revenge

Object of her malice
Sleeping soundly, unaware
Callous shade
Drawing near
Vengeful corpse hovers above her prey
Dead eyes, glaring
Rancor surging through decaying veins
Icy hands, grasping
Vile, spiteful embrace

Her lover, her victim
The final price paid for his betrayal

The dead and the undead lie side by side
Soaked in cooling blood
Their sanguine bed cold and black
A grim and rictus smile
Lingers on the face of dread Afet
Her spectral wrath fulfilled…satisfied


from Hortlak, released January 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Hortlak El Paso, Texas

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